The Project

What can PEF do in end applications?

  • 100% Bio-Based
  • Transparent
  • Light-weight
  • Thermally stable
  • Unbreakable – safer
  • Long shelf life
PEFerence - Info graphics


  • Engineer and build the flagship plant for the production of purified FDCA (50,000 tonnes/year)
  • Demonstrate and validate at least three 100% bio-based materials in end user applications
  • Commercialize the 100% bio-based end products demonstrated in the project
  • Demonstrate and optimize the new local bio-based value chain from raw material sourcing to PEF end products
  • Evaluate the environmental and socio-economic performance of the developed products


  • Maximising the use of regional agricultural resources and decreasing dependence on oil imports while increasing added value to the European economy
  • Establishing a new bio-based value chain that will create jobs in rural areas while developing technological knowhow and translating it into industrial products
  • Best scenario to have an industrial scale MMF-FDCA plant (>200,000 tonnes/year FDCA) built in Europe
  • Demonstrate new 100% bio-based materials (PEF,PBF and polyurethanes) based on the diacid FDCA
  • Demonstrate cost efficiency and improved properties of PEF compared to PET and focus on applications where PEF brings most value
  • Using PEF, substantially reduce non-renewable energy use and carbon emissions compared to petroleum-based plastics and other materials
  • PEF is 100% recyclable into other PEF applications
  • Reduce food waste and energy consumption of end products and increase the sustainability of coatings, elastomers and adhesives
  • Augment the drive towards bio-based industrial products for global markets and establish FCDA as a versatile furanics building block while developing PEF for packaging applications