L’Urederra Fundación para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y Social

L’Urederra Fundación para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (LUR) (Spain)


Company description:

L’Urederra Foundation for Technical and Social Development is a non-profit, private Technological Centre created in June 1999 by the association of several public authorities, financial organisations, R&TD organisations and companies in diverse productive fields, including environment, construction, power generation, consultancy, foodstuff production and others, totaling more than 20 independent entities. L’Urederra performs activities of Research & Technological Development on behalf of the industries and other economical agents within its sphere of influence, followed by implementation of the innovations developed at their production sites. The organisation is a Spanish CIT (Centre of Innovation and Technology) recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Science with the number 98.

The main R&TD fields where L’Urederra is active are:

  • non-metallic materials and polymer processing
  • nanoparticles
  • advanced environment

In the advanced environment area main fields of interest are the development of technologies related with the reduction, recycle and revalorization of organic and inorganic wastes, as well as wastewater treatment. For that purpose, L’Urederra counts with facilities for pilot scale testing and optimization of wastewater treatments. The field also comprises the application of new advanced materials developed for diverse fields, such as purification treatment of gas and water wastes, development of catalysts or photovoltaic cells.

In addition, the expertise of Lurederra in nanomaterial is also applied to the synthesis and design of nanoparticles for diverse purification treatments in the environmental field. Lurederra will develop in the project based on their expertise in wastewater revalorization, the pre-treatments of the wastewater inputs including the applications of selective treatments and filters for recovery and separation of the target components. The centre has a vast expertise in coordination and participation in European project proposals from FP5 to Horizon 2020.

Role in the project:

Lurederra applies its expertise in the development of materials and of nanomaterials for wastewater pretreatment in several tasks of AFTERLIFE project:

  • Development of a tailored pretreatment step previous to filtration system (WP1)
  • Development of nanoresins for the extraction by adsorption of targeted compounds (WP2)
  • Conversion of the biopolymer into a thermoplastic material suitable for end applications (WP3, WP6)

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