Heritage 1466 S.A.

Heritage 1466 S.A. (HER) (Belgium)


Company description:

Heritage 1466 S.A. is a Belgium cheese manufacturing company that has been founded in 1981. They elaborate soft ripened cheeses, washed rind, mixed rind, soft blue and semi-hard. The philosophy of the company being to combine the expertise of the past and today's technology. Its projects demonstrate its commitment to maintaining a human scale agriculture, manufacture traditional quality products and fit in its environment.

Role in the project:

The company will provide wastewater (WP1) of cheese manufacturing from its site. The provided waste stream is a very interesting source of organic matter and, specifically, of natural additives (i.e., whey proteins, lactose) with a well-defined market. This project will permit the recovery in-situ of valuable compounds that could be reutilized in the same manufacturing process.

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