Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant vzw

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant vzw (BBE) (Belgium)


Company description:

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant vzw or BBEU is a flexible and diversified pilot plant for the development and scale-up of new, bio-based processes. It is capable of scaling up and optimizing a broad variety of bio-based processes up to an industrial level (from 5L to 50m3 scale, depending on the process). It can perform the entire value chain, from the green resources up to the final product. BBE intends to close the gap in the innovation chain of the bio-based economy, bridging science and industrial production. It is operating according to the open innovation service model: Companies and research institutes throughout the world that are active in the bio-based economy can make use of this test facility for their technological developments. Both our expertise on translating lab-scale processes into industrial viable technologies and our large-scale infrastructure will be of great importance for this project.

Role in the project:

BBE is the partner responsible for the scale-up and demonstration of the process in its pilot plant (WP6) though the deployment of a pilot line consisted of own and rented/purchased equipment. For this purpose, BBE will closely collaborate with the partners in charge of the development of the process at lab scale, providing its feedback to facilitate the transfer of the process to a larger scale. Besides, BBE develops the step of recovery and purification of the biopolymer.

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