EggPlant Srl (EGG)

EggPlant Srl (EGG) (Italy)


Company description:

Thanks to its proprietary technology EggPlant reuses wastewater as raw material to manufacture, through a zero waste process, eco-friendly, hi-tech and valuable products such as high-performance PHA polyhydroxyalkanoates) bioplastics and advanced bioplastic-based solutions.

EggPlant faces and solves two big environmental and social problems: the wastewater disposal and the pollution coming from traditional hydrocarbons based plastics. EggPlant aims at eliminating the concept of waste (vision) with the mission to reuse waste as raw material to get smart and sustainable products (circular economy, biorefinery, cascading system concept). EggPlant provides PHA bioplastics, a completely bio-derived and biodegradable plastic suitable for different kind of applications and industries (e.g. electronics, cosmetic, biomed, agriculture, packaging, etc.). EggPlant has developed also a proprietary PHA-formulation as a technology platform for high added value applications (cosmetics, biomed, technical fluids, and electronics). Thanks to the experience on PHA material and the know-how developed on PHA processing and conditioning, EggPlant will contribute to the project by tailoring the output material to end-users needs.

Role in the project:

EggPlant Srl is the promoter and coordinator of AFTERLIFE proposal. EGG is in charge of the task of knowledge management and protection within WP8 (Dissemination and Exploitation). Thanks to its experience and know-how on wastewater reuse and PHA production, EGG contributes to the tasks of techno-economic analysis and socio-economic assessment (WP7).

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