Workshop Programme 


09:30 AFTERLIFE project introduction
09:45 Session 1: Invited talks

'The Rheticus Project'

Dr. Thomas Haas (Evonik, Germany)

10:45 Session 2: Wastewater as source of value compounds
  Use of circular bioeconomy approaches for the valorization of food processing residual streams.

Maria Lopez (Idener, Spain)

Membrane technology in valuables and water recovery from wastewaters of food industry

Antti Gronroos (VTT, Finland)

11:25 Break
11:30 Session 3: End products from food processing wastewater

PHA production from industrial waste streams as part of Sustainable Plastics production towards a circular plastics economy

Oliver Drzyzga (CIB-CSIS, Spain)


Production of bio-based Volatile Fatty Acids from organic waste as chemical building blocks

Nicola Frison (Innoven, Italy)

  Sustainable extraction of amino acids from agro-industrial wastewater streams

Elena Manso (Lurederra, Spain)
12:30 Feedback and discussion / Wrap-up
13:00 Workshop end